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Mar. 25th, 2007


(no subject)

most of my entries are friends only.

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Aug. 26th, 2003


you give nothing and in return you get it all

+top ten twelve things i hate+

-online quizzes
-my haircut. i have pagent hair. gross.
-being grounded.
-my dsl not working for another 48hours
-whoever stold my hair straightener. i hate you.
-my messy room.
-when my mom makes me eat more than i want to.
-when my family members come over and help themselves to my closet. especially stuff with tags still on. fuck you.
-i have to get a job this week.
-i have to go to church on sunday.
-after i tell joe about getting arrested hes not gonna want me anymore.

+top ten one things im excited about+

-vmas on thursday.

my life sucks

Aug. 25th, 2003


i'd ditch em all for a night with you

at the begining of the summer i had a seizure. my mom was on some bullshit saying i had to go to the hospitial. fuck that. i fucking hate hospitials. she said i couldnt swim all summer. cause i might have a seizure while in the water. then i would drown'd. i bought 4 new bathing suits this year. i went swimming a lot. fuck doctors. im sick again though. and i might have to go to the hospitial. i dont want an IV in my arm. needles in my veins is my biggest fear. well apart from the being alone one.

speaking of dying, im making a list of people that will not be allowed at my funeral. i will hire a bouncer. a big tough guy one. if your on the list, you aint gettin in. this is so that no one can come pretendin like they knew me.

Aug. 21st, 2003


(no subject)

i cant think of anything that would give me greater pleasure than strangling the fuck out of my sister.

Aug. 20th, 2003


i cant do this thing called life without you here with me

im home. yes. im actually home. i havent been home in days. kelle and jenny dropped me off after we went to the beach. portage beach. it was fun. i love that jenny gets out of school at 12. its almost like its still summer. since me and kelle sleep till 11 anyways. tiffany sold 5 kirbys already. its only like her 6th day. thats 300 bucks per kirby that she pockets plus $200 a week. im going there tomorrow. i need cash. beauty school starts on november 26th. its almost $13,000. the most i can get in loans is around $4,000. and i have that $3,000 in the bank from working at the chicago park district. so i still need $6,000. my mom says i probally cant get any grants because of all the money she has saved up. and i know she wont pay for it, or even loan it to me. how am i supposed to pay her back? if i get a job at kirby i can probally make a couple of thousand by the time school starts and then just get an after school job. kelle is probally going to get mad grants and loans. i made my mom dinner. chicken tacos. and watched chicago with her. tomorrow i have to unpack all of my shit. fuck moving back in with my parents. this sucks.

bend over to the front, touch your toes, bang that ass up and down and get low. get low.

Mar. 17th, 2003


i dont care if your 80, youll always be my baby

yo. today i went shopping. yep more shopping. i bought loads of clothes. 2 skirts. i love skirts. im gonna wear lots this summer. i bought 2 bathing suits today. thats 3 so far this year. and 3 flipflops. 1 pair of pants 9 shirts. and 4 shorts. 1 pair of pants. i rock. i bought the bowling for soup cd. alkaline trio is better than you. where is your boy tonite? i hope he is a gentlemen. seriously music is my everything. if i could id marry music.

bands id marry: alkaline trio, fallout boy, and conor (bright eyes
music runs my life. music is kinda like boys. only better. music makes me smile. music makes me cry. music makes me laugh. music makes my day better. right now im in a country mood. i fuckin love it.

Jan. 24th, 2003


(no subject)

Friday, Jan. 24th
@ Knights of Columbus in Arlington Heights, 15 N. Hickory
504 Plan
Punchline (our awesome tourmates)

fuck the police for taking my license away. maybe i can ask the keliester what she is doing and if shes not busy then me and her can go. i doubt it though.

Jan. 22nd, 2003


its okay cause im still breathing

[monday] matt came all the way to valpo to pick me up. went to the mall. never shopping with matt ever again. he always needs opinions. why know just buy what you want and fuck what everyone else thinks? hooters for the first time. food sucked. im out of my fucking mind. just married was effin hilarious. i want ashton. watched resident evil. zombies are scary.

[tuesday] woke up sick. totally sucky. showered. did hair. no makeup. back to sleep. wake up. read. sleep. wake up. steph made food. couldnt eat any on account of my dingleball throat thing being all swolled up.

[wednesday] made matt leave early cause my moms was comin over to pick me up. payed garabage bill. no school for me. im way too sick for school. on the couch all day. watched: trading spaces, while you were out, osbournes, simpsons, 70s show, and others. drank some tomato soup. matt hasnt called me all effin day. what an effer. he was supposed to go to ballys today to get swoll.

Jan. 19th, 2003


weekend in review

[friday] wake up. school. tons of cursing by the teacher. didnt see chris. home. boring. drink. three jello shots. 6 vodka shots. leave for show. 2 schmirnof ices. 1 barcardi silver. puke all over anthonys car. call kelle crying. call matt. get to show. eff yea. totally rocking. would have been the best show ever. but atm played all new songs. so that sucked it up. got a last annual boy to walk me to the merch table so i could get a mts trucker hat. it rocks. home. matt came over. with mcdonalds. rock. jill thinks im crazy. matt spended the nite. morning breath makes for bad kissing. listerine strips make me sick.

[saturday] wake up. so tired. supposed to have a saturday class but i didnt go. eff weekend classes. woke up in time for mcdonalds breakfast. but cleaned the bathroom instead. matt slept longer than me. boo. no mcdonalds. went to round the fucking stupid instead. home. sat around. watched high fidelty. made more jello shots. show. great scott got frustrated with the sound system and just said eff off and left. lastannual. the citizens are funny as fuck. love love it. home. got a call from scottytwohotty. matt didnt come over. he kept telling me how drunk he was. maybe thats code for [i messed around with someone else]

[sunday] matt called and woke me up. he came over. brought mcdonalds for me and angie. watched [go] matt went to work. showered. hair. makeup. read. cleaned. tiff picked me up to come to valpo where i am now.

no school monday.

Jan. 16th, 2003


such a silly stupid man, why are you so lame?

the past few days have been real boring. not being able to drive sucks ass. yesterday i went to school. then sat around the rest of the day. watched high fidelty. later matt came over and we made jelloshots. i had 2. they tasted good, but you would have to have a million to eff you up. and they are hard to get out of the cup. then i came home. have to get money from the parentals for school books. and i have to buy regular books too, cause i get way too bored just sitting around and i refuse to give in and get a computer and phoneline. no internet for me at home. i need a manicure. my birthday is soon. also i need to bring my dresser upstairs. but its gonna be way too hard. so eff that for right now.

friday - jinxpack, muchthesame, starstuck at fireside
saturday - great scott, the citizens, last annual at rubes
sunday - last annual and the citizens in aurora

sundays show is a hellno for me. friday im going with anthony and i plan on being incrediably drunk for the whole show. hell yea to alcohol.

i had a dream that i got a tattoo on my eyelid and my parents didnt notice it for months. i also had a dream that my dad died and then my mom told me ozzy was my dad. and kelly didnt like me. so yea.

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